Alva Skateboards

Alva Skates - Pink Flame deck

• 10 x 30 Fish Shape
• 16.75 Wheelbase
• Signed and numbered by Tony Alva
• New school bolt pattern
• Only 200 produced

This latest re-pop from Alva is looking fantastic. Dipped in a coat of white, screen printed, numbered and then hand signed by Tony Alva. One of the best re-issues we've seen a while, we have just a handful of these fine decks so grab one quick. Remember, only 200 produced.
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Alva Skateboards

Hosoi 1984 Model (Limited Edition)

Available now for a limited time only

Signed by both Tony Alva and Christian Hosoi

Alva Skateboards -
Alva Hosoi LTD 1984 Signed Re-Issue Deck

• 29.5" x 10"
• Each is signed and numbered

We have just a handful of these awesome re-issue decks, these will not last long so grab one today! Guaranteed to only increase in value over time.
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Temporarily Sold Out

Alva Skateboards - Alva LTD. 11" Signed Salba Model Deck

• 11" x 31"
• Wheelbase: 16"

In 1979 Steve Alba rode for ALVA. SALBA had a 11" x 33" board he rode and was going to turn Pro for ALVA but then ended up on Kryptonics. So his ALVA model was never made until now. It has the same barrel style wheel wells and ALVA diecut griptape.

Decks are signed by both Tony Alva and Steve Alba.

These decks are limited to 50 signed decks only.
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NEW for 2011!

Alva + Metro Wheel completes in stock now!

Arriving now are the all new Alva 8 inch classic cruisers with the new Metro "Retro" 63mm wheels and new Gunmetal, classic style 7.0 trucks. You choose the wheel colors!

For cruising sidewalks, carving tiles and doing grinds you can't go wrong with this new set up. This Classic Alva 8 inch deck is built with the new Gunmetal 7.0 trucks that have a lower kingpin (less hang ups on grinds) and super responsive "Venon" bushings that bring the trucks to center after even the tightest of turns. For wheels, this Classic Alva is equipped with the all new Metro "Retro" 63mm x 78 duro wheels. Simply put, these wheels hug the pavement like suction cups and roll like no others. Classic shape + modern urethanes = amazing. Abec 7 bearings and .25 inch riser pads round off this fantastic new complete.
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Alva Classic Scratch Logo Deck

Signed by Tony Alva!

LTD. to 200

One of our all time favorite Alva graphics is back again! Alva made 200 of these classic Scratch logo decks and we have a small stack available now, each one numbered and each has been signed by TA himself.

The deck is 29.5" x 10", flat, single kick, in a beautiful white finish and screen printed with the classic red and black color pattern.

Get one of these fast, we don't expect them to be here too long.

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JUST IN ! NEW Alva Deck

Alva Skateboards
Alva LTD 1985 Dagger Tail
Re-Issue Deck

• 10" x 31.5"
• Single Kick
• 16.5" Wheelbase
• Tail: 7.5"
• Nose: 3 1/8"
• Production run of 200 total

When I was on team Alva in 1985, way back when Dave Duncan was team captain and Mondo was screen printing, I rode this deck. The Dagger was awesome then and an awesome deck today. We have just a few Daggers available and Tony has signed each of them, they are also each hand numbered on the top.
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Temporarily Sold Out

Alva 77 Reissue Decks Autographed by Tony Alva!

It is first come first serve, be quick!
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ALL NEW Alva Tri Logo Complete!

A great riding and cool looking Alva tri logo complete assembled with Independent 139mm stage 10 trucks, 60mm / 79 duro OJ Hot Juice wheels, precision bearings, .25 inch riser pads and topped off with a sheet of custom Alva die cut grip tape. These are fun, old school cruisers that are a blast to rip around the park on and they work equally as well on the streets. Completes arrive to you assembled with a complimentary (that means FREE) sticker pack.
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Alva Skateboards - 30 Year Model

• 8 5/8 x 32.25

Nice new square tailed deck from Alva! This deck celebrates 30 years of Alva Skateboards with a 30 finger salute. Wheelbase measure 15" and of course this 7 ply wonder is proudly produced in the USA.
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Another round of Leopards!

One of the best new shapes and graphics from Alva we've seen! A great full size deck this Leopard measures in at 32.75" long by 9.75" at it's widest point. The tail comes in at 7.5", the nose is 4.25" with a slight point shape and finally the wheelbase is 16.50". The is an excellent full size old school style deck with concave, long style wheelbase and a monster size tail. The graphics are an updated version of the classic Leopard form the late 70's. A great new shape and graphic combo from Tony and his Alva Posse.

Note: The first round of these sold out quick so don't wait, grab one while we have them available!
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Back in Stock!

Get In On Round 2 While These Are Still Available!

ALVA Skates - Classic Tri Logo Pig Reissue

Construction: 7 ply maple, pressed in Newport Beach, California USA.
Length: 29.5 inches.
Width: 9.75 inches.
Wheelbase: 15.75 inches.
Tail: 6 inches.
Nose: 3.50 inches.
Concave: Flat single kick.
Graphic: One color bottom and classic Alva faded top!

Made by Alva in the USA these re-issue (circa 1979) decks are a must have for any die hard skate fanantic! We have been waiting for these to become available again and finally they have arrived. The Tri Logo features wheel wells, comes with custom cut Alva grip (already applied) and is drilled using the new school style bolt pattern.

We suggest you use Tracker's 139mm Dart model truck with Gyro Hub Wheels for an authentic classic ride! These decks come and go quickly so don't get caught sleeping or you may miss the chance to get one of these classic Tri Logo Alva's!
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New Alva 77, 8 Inch Re-issue Completes

Our newest round of these classic Alva 8 inch cruisers are built with the recently re-released Tunnel Rock wheels fitted with precision bearings and bolted onto Independent trucks with .25 inch riser pads.

These decks were originally made for the Lords of Dogtown movie and thankfully made available for everyone to enjoy. Grab one of our Alva completes with Independent trucks and Tunnel Rocks while you still can.

Each Alva complete skateboard arrives to you fully assembled along with a FREE classic Tunnel sticker.

Please specify wheel color/hardness at checkout.
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ALVA Skates - 8 Inch Classic! Exact Decks As Used In "Lords of Dogtown" Movie!

7 ply maple, pressed in San Diego, California USA.
Length: 30 inches.
Width: 8 inches.
Wheelbase: 16 inches.
Tail: 5.75 inches.
Nose: 3.75 inches.
Concave: None!
Graphic: One color bottom and classic Alva faded top!

Made for Alva in the USA these 1977 re-issue decks are a must have for skaters of any age. Produced for use in the movie "Lords of Dogtown" Alva kept the wood presses rolling and continues to pump out these beauties for all of us to enjoy. These re-issue decks arrive to you with custom cut grip already applied along with a free assorted Alva and Tracker Trucks decals. Decks are drilled using the new school (smaller) four hole pattern, Tailtap recommends using Tracker MidTrack trucks and your wheel of choice. Or, as another option, scroll right up above this post if you'd like to buy a pre assembled complete!
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